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Automating Supply Chain


IMS Total Logistics has its own warehousing facilities equipped with a racking system for maximum protection of your products while at the same time minimizing storage space. Three warehouses are located in Jakarta and several others, in a joint-venture partnership, are spread throughout the country.

Solid 41 years of experiences
IMS has been in logistics business since 1969. It’s almost 41 years of experiences for distribution.We are able to provide the most efficient and effective ways for delivering our services as expected by our valued customers. Because of the experience of distribution and focus in local distribution so we are become one of the excellent local knowledge company. This is all because of the hard work and solid of our team and dedication of our personnel throughout the years have won their well-deserved reward, trust of our valued customers. Our customers are the reason why IMS exist today.
From 1969 we also have specialize in telecommunication logistics services since the starting of our customer Satelindo,now called Indosat from 1996 until now Indosat is still our main customer.We are proud to inform you that IMS is the only Huawei’s logistics provider who use fully barcoded system to manage their goods in warehouse and during distribution.

Excellent local knowledge
During 41 years experiences on distribution we have already delivery material to every part of Indonesia and can delivery material with any situation access road.

Warehouse Management
A background in automation has made IMS Logistics one of the most advanced in the warehouse management systems. We developed our own WMS software called COBRA, stands for Customize Online Bar-Coded Real-Time Automation System. COBRA uses a unique bar-coded label for tracking within the warehouse and during transport, it provides automatic real-time inventory system and on-line for our customer. Meaning, you can access your goods inventory from wherever you are via internet real-time.

Inventory Service and Asset Management
We designed our own software. tailor-made to our customer’s need which is supported with our bar-code system – that will make all recording activities faster and more accurate.

Computer Links for Communication and Product Management
Our customers demand accurate and real time reports in response to this, IMS Total Logistics has developed online computer links, allowing our customers to check their inventory reports whenever and wherever they want.

“Barcoded, Real Time & Online”

“The Most Automated Supply Chain Provider Company in Indonesia”


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  1. Hi IMS:

    Thank you for adding me as your blogroll.

    Success always for you and your business.



    Komentar oleh Nurhadi | Januari 29, 2010 | Balas

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